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Omnichannel Marketing Platform

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Trusted by biggest brands across globe

We Help Business To

Target, market and engage in customers'
preferred platforms

Connect with your customers on their most preferred platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Email SMS etc, to target, market and sell your product or services.

  • Laser-focus your customer outreach efforts on the channels and platforms that are most favored by each customer, based on their geographic location, to foster long-term engagement.

  • Market your products through cross functional channels and target your audience with special offers and branding campaigns to increase awareness and drive up to 3 times more organic traffic to your website

  • Leverage the power of Facebook shop, Instagram shop, websites and other marketplaces to boost your brand. Collaborate with Social Influencers and skyrocket your business sales

omnichannel customer engagement

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omnichannel communication platform
Reach a wide audience

With over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp provides businesses with a large potential audience to reach. Communicate with your customers through customer campaigns, interactive no-code bots etc…

Personalized communication

Send messages to communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis, which can help create a sense of personalization and build stronger customer relationships.

Increase open rate

WhatsApp messages boast a remarkable open rate, ensuring your messages sent through the platform reach the intended recipients, ultimately boosting your branding and click-through rate exponentially.

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omnichannel marketing automation

Manage your entire digital presence from a single place to create, manage and automate your social media campaign.

Track and Analyze

Keep track of your organic traffic, analyze your social media performance, and change your content strategy accordingly.


Save thousands of dollars for spending on your marketing tools. Let AptonShops be your only growth partner for your business.

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omnichannel messaging platform
Demand generation

Drive demand to grow your business through your website and fuel up the marketing funnel.

Customer management

Manage your customers and interact with them in every stage of your business life cycle. Achieve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue growth by 3x

Customer engagement

Interact and connect with your customers at every step they take on your website to gain insights into their perception of your brand and grow your business through effective communication.

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